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implement one or more itelligent-i analytical Accelerators for your organisation, department, or team to quickly enable better decision making, redesign services and show opportunities for improvement in business processes

we know what core analytics are needed for every organisation...

Organisations benefit from better insights. itelligent-i has developed suites of analytical insights using Microsoft Power BI that are designed to accelerate an organisations adoption of data-driven decision making.

itelligent-i’s experience in the Public Sector has allowed for the development of core analytics that have been implemented with many organisations across the UK, and modified with customer input using agile delivery, for strategic decision making, operational processes improvement or performance management.

itelligent-i’s skilled analysts work with your teams to implement and build out the Accelerators to represent your unique business processes and local datasets. Adapting the Accelerators during the implementation ensures the full benefit of high-quality analytics to support your organisations priorities.

By implementing itelligent-i’s analytics Accelerators you could be live with your first set of reports, securely shared with strategic and operational audiences within weeks.

Accelerators - in 3 levels

Essentials – core analytics that provide an understanding of business processes, customer profiles and operational performance

Enhanced – a more in-depth analysis across multiple services, providing an enhanced level of insight

Advanced – a step into predictive analytics, aligned to a priority area

Starting with essentials, each level is designed to build on the last, delivering insights in a structured way that not only accelerates the roll-out of analytics but also business adoption and data-driven transformation.

At any time, itelligent-i can work in partnership to develop the Accelerators to include bespoke analytics that suit an organisations local requirements.

Analytics Accelerators are perfect for Public Sector organisations of all sizes, enabling you to become data-driven at pace with a team of industry experts.

Using the accelerators many organisations choose to build an enterprise analytics programme based on outputs from itelligent-i’s Corporate Business intelligence Review (CBIR).  an enterprise data-driven programme also addresses the wider needs of technology and, people and process change (such as strategic alignment, data quality, data management, and a genuine single version of the truth…) , and we can also provide support for embedding the analytics at the heart of your organisation decision making.


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