Data is everywhere. Insight is not.

Until Now

itelligent-i provides councils with end-to-end data and analytics to enable
automation and meaningful reform of services.




We believe that all local authorities can positively transform lives and livelihoods in the communities that they serve. In a complex environment, councils are at the heart of decisions that can have real impact. How they make these decisions is crucial. We give councils the information, insight and intelligence to empower them to make better decisions.

What do we do?

We’re not just another tech solution – we’re your council’s strategic business partner. Our expertise encompasses services from Adults and Health to Transport and Highways. We delve deep into the data for Children and Young People’s well-being, guide optimal resource allocation in Corporate Resources, offer informed insights for Housing and Assets, and shape high impact strategies for community and place-based services.


Our work extends beyond just data analysis; we deliver comprehensive end-to-end data analytics, enablement, and automation solutions, facilitating meaningful outcomes across your council’s diverse service areas. Partnering with itelligent-i grants more than access to data; it’s an entry point to strategic intelligence that can deliver meaningful reforms to all services across the council. Our approach covers every facet of service  delivery, distinguishing us as leaders in transforming data into actionable intelligence.

Why should councils work with us?

We exist to help councils see things more clearly. With our tools and insights, we give you a better understanding of your communities, finances, and how well things are running.

Our goal is simple: help councils do their job even better. We provide the information you need to plan effectively, make wise spending or saving decisions, and deliver improved results for your community.

With us, councils find opportunities to make positive changes, get better value from investments, and plan. We’re all about helping you make smart, proactive choices.

We give councils clarity on communities; finance; performance.

We empower councils to deliver better outcomes; reliably plan; invest or save with confidence.

We create opportunities for councils to impact, change, realise return on investments.

We ensure councils make proactive decisions, plans, investment.

We work with councils who choose to be better .

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